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The man stood accused of smoking his ex-wife and another man with his orange creamsicle vape.

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OJ Smokesman, a former all-American vaping star, took part in the trial of the century. The man stood accused of smoking his ex-wife and another man with his orange creamsicle vape. With a very flavorful, distinct taste that could not be mirrored elsewhere, the case against OJ Smokesman being the culprit was damning. The bodies of the smoked victims, an e-cig that belonged to Smokesman, and other evidence were found and presented to a jury during the trial. However, when it was demanded that Smokesman use the e-cig in court, it was found that it did not fit his mouth! If the e-cig does not fit, you must acquit! Despite the overwhelming evidence, the jury declared Smokesman not guilty of smoking his ex-wife and another man. Even though he was acquitted, there still hangs some doubt of whether or not OJ Smokesman was innocent. One thing is for certain, OJ Smokesman will never be forgotten—his orange creamsicle flavor is unlike any other out there. There is no flavor like OJ Smokesman—only OJ Smokesman; don’t except less than the original, but remember to be careful when you see him. You’ll never know if you might be the one he smokes next.

OJ Smokesman is based off the real world figure: Orenthal James (OJ) Simpson. Although he is most famous for being accused of the murder of his ex-wife, OJ Simpson is a former American football player and received the Heisman Trophy during his stint in athletics. OJ Simpson has run afoul with law enforcement again in recent years—he is currently incarcerated in the Lovelock Correctional Center as a result of being found guilty of multiple felonies that took place in 2007 including kidnapping and armed robbery.

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